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Pine Cone

Pine Cone

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Pure Canadian Beeswax Candle

A seed cone is the inspiration for this candle in our Nature Inspired Collection.

This cone is slightly larger than the wee cone (see photo below) and they group so nicely together.

Burn Time 5 hours

Cotton Wick

7 cm tall  / 6 cm wide

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Customer Reviews

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cute piece of winter decor

i had three of these, and i’m so sad that i am now down to one. they are adorable. my only qualm is that they tend to pool more than my other candles, and i don’t want to hide them in a bowl like candle holder. so, i reuse any left over wax. will definitely purchase again, and excited to see other seasonal designs.

Hi Maria
Thank you for your review - we appreciate that you took the time to write us. We push the wee petals of the cone in as it burns, and always keep a candle on a fire resistant plate or dish. Beeswax candles burn best for one hour for every inch they are wide; so these candles should burn short periods of time at first and longer as you get into the body of the cone.
All the best,