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Since 1994

Our artisanal candles are hand-crafted in our studio in Revelstoke BC, using only pure, Canadian beeswax. Experience the true artistry behind our candles as each one is carefully crafted by hand in our Revelstoke BC studio, using only the finest Canadian beeswax sourced from local beekeepers.

  • Hand Crafted

    Traditional beeswax chandlery is the enchanting alchemy that transforms flowers into luminous light. Radiating a warm and lavish glow, it elevates the essence of your home.

    Our artisanal candles are meticulously hand-crafted within our Revelstoke BC studio, using nothing but pure, Canadian beeswax.

    Our wax undergoes a rigorous filtration process, involving clay and charcoal, ensuring unwavering quality and excellence.

  • Sustainability

    Our candles are made from beeswax.

    • natural and renewable material
    • supports biodiversity and the health of our planet.
    • Beeswax comes from apiaries in British Columbia and Alberta, where bees collect pollen and nectar from various flowers throughout the seasons.
    • The wax reflects the diversity of the floral sources, changing its colour depending on what the bees feed on.
    • Beeswax is also a sustainable choice, as it does not harm the environment or the bees themselves.
    • Our candles offer a delightful fragrance, a beautiful shape, and a cozy, intimate light that you can enjoy as a special treat.
  • Traditional Care

    • After each use, trim the wick to a quarter of an inch, or slightly longer for tapered candles. This will prevent the flame from getting too large and smoking.
    • As the candle burns down, use your thumb to gently push the melted wax towards the center. This will create a wax pool that will help the candle burn evenly.
    • To put out the candle, dip the wick into the wax pool and then lift it up again. This will stop any smoke and also coat the wick for the next use.
    • If you notice a white film on your candle, don't worry. This is called bloom and it is a natural process of mineral crystallization. You can easily remove it with a lint-free cloth.
    Beeswax Candle Care 
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Handcrafted—from Hive to Home

Indulge in the beauty and magic of traditional beeswax chandlery. Our candles are meticulously crafted in our studio using pure Canadian beeswax, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

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