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Buddha Beeswax Candle: A Symbol of Enlightenment and Harmony

Buddha is a Sanskrit word that means “one who is awake” to the true nature of reality. This candle is a peaceful addition to any space, as it represents the wisdom and compassion of the enlightened mind.

Made from pure beeswax, this candle has a natural honey scent and a golden glow that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Beeswax candles are also eco-friendly, as they burn longer and cleaner than other types of candles. Plus, they emit negative ions that purify the air and reduce allergens.

This candle features a cotton wick and a burn time of over 60 hours, making it a long-lasting and reliable source of light. The dimensions are 6.5" x 4.5" x 4", making it a perfect size for any table, shelf, or altar.

Whether you use it for meditation, relaxation, or decoration, this Buddha beeswax candle will bring you a sense of harmony and joy. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of this natural and beautiful product. 🕯️

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