You're the 'bee's knees'!

The bee in all her glory, is also inspiration for much word play. During the 1920's, a stellar decade for slang and much ado about dancing and parties, the term 'bee's knees' meant 'outstanding' and it was a fabulous cocktail from that era too.

I have a weekly game with one of my market friends, where we cheekily ask benign questions and answer with a smile - 'mind your own beeswax'. This usually raises the high brows of those passing by and we get a kick out of ourselves.

It really is amazing all the bits and pieces that the bee has inspired in our lives, including our language, gardens, tables, art and light.  Beauty in the bee and beeswax - in all their forms.

Check out two links above for bits and pieces of bee colloquialisms; see if you catch yourself using 'bee' words.




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