One Reason to Burn Pure Canadian Beeswax Candles

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We are often asked about the difference between beeswax and 'other' candles, when we are out and about at artisan fairs.

Most 'other' candles are made of paraffin, which is a by product of the petroleum industry. We need fuel for our current ways of living, but maybe not burning in our homes.  

More 'other' candles are soy candles.  Did you know that soybeans undergo a process similar to the hydrogenation of margarine to become wax? About 80% of soybean crops are a genetically modified organism (GMO). Non GMO soy beans and GMO soy are combined at processing, as there simply are not enough non GMO beans. Some wax companies remove the GMO while making the soybeans into the wax and it is at this point that we question - why?  This is a lot of human created process to make a wax.

Beeswax is simply that - wax the bees made.  Our wax is filtered, to make the purest wax and best burning candles.   That's it!

We purchase our wax directly from conscientious third generation apiarists, making their livings by caring for and working with bees.

Our candle making process is simple, ebbed in tradition and by our hands.

Beeswax is beautiful in it's simplicity.  No need to complicate things.

Farmers and Makers - nice and simple.

Have a Bee-utiful Day!



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